Angels live among us

Writing soothes the feelings inside me

I know I am not highly talented when it comes to writing,

I never knew my texting hobby would turn into something new,

It grew up in me like the secret admirer,

nudging me all along,but never pushing me,

suprising me all along and it took few genuine hearts to bring it out from me,

my heart,my soul and my thoughts are deeply connected ,everytime my fingers work

and I am satisfied...

Saturday, November 27, 2010

curly :P

Curly curly quiet contrary
the locks that you carry
which never fits Mr.Harry
atleast make her dance with Merry
by giving her the keys to your quarry
A sight of cream on cherry
A journey that takes her on a ferry
soooooooooooo hurryyyyyy :)

Sunday, November 14, 2010

going back west..

Petty things come my way

In hues of blue all day

making me drown in vain

a frown that drives me sane

a beep that alerts my vein

that told me shadows are real

the creaks of doors on walls

that brought me back to this world

from a dream of roses and cream

to the twirl of eerie white beings

one jerk and the shadows flip,

that made me shiver a bit

the paleness followed my eyes

that took my soul to the west...

Friday, October 29, 2010

life so far..

The curls that blocked my eyes

as the swift wind blew my way

the winks of wolves on walls

that made my cheeks go red

the rain that soaked the grass

that drenched my feet so warm

lullabies of robbins on woods

a sight that made me hush

the rainbows on willowy sills

that played a tune to my soul

sigh the breath of life that made

me cry a river....

Thursday, October 21, 2010


harmony at last,as I crossed the pine trees,
a hunch on my back that took away all my pains,
tongue tied was I at the very last moment,
the throes of agony filling up my belly,
the light that shone far away,that brought in
the miseries that fed on my heart,
a song far away that fell into my ears,
that ripped open my playful smiles,
gorged upon the villa was my thousand dreams,
that tried hard to fly with broken wings...

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

words from the past..

Magic in the eyes of the innocent
whose stars spoke a thousand words
the mystery that sang the beautiful memories
that made tears froze deep inside the satanic souls
the grin of the wealthy that threw away all glories
puff of smoke from pin pricked lips
sigh of agony from darkened minds
colors galore that roused them high
pity them,the young and the ugly
that shows no warmth in the hearts of gold
purity the drops they crush their feathers
hush and they smirk to wild new belief's...

Monday, July 12, 2010


Isn't it marvelous to feel life's snail paced slowness,
a sight u see when the morning rays touches your eyes,
the trail of night that followed you throughout,
a wink seems hours to surpass,
bliss it is,for the old and weak,
peahens on the silhouette of my shadow,
running across the sun cast windows,
that hides the moon that struggles to peep,
sigh for the stars above,
wind stuck between the bushes,
that reminds of life's ruthless desires...

Saturday, June 26, 2010

future lies...

I played it once,I played it twice but hide and seek was never my game,
they came in troops,they took my arms,they dragged me hard,
to a place so far and all along I pleaded in vain,
in kicks and spats they answered my cries,
and finally they dumped me there,
a place so dark where pigs never slept,
i stood there numb to see the smile,
of angels and demons and all things eerie,
i smiled at destiny for bringing forth the lies,
a journey of truth,that took away my hopes...

Friday, June 4, 2010

looking back...

The monster keeps coming back in my dreams all nights,
with that wistful smile that choked my life,
grinning wild with evil joys,horrid as it could ever be,
kept asking for what it gave but never asked for,
all green and crisp that makes men lie,
I screamed at nights with my eyes shut tight,
nightmares of wolves would have felt better for a change,
I could hear the tap on my door so sleek,
but I dare not open to quench my fear,
I heard his howls so loud and shrill,
that made my skin turn as white as a ghost,
I held my breath to hide myself,
but got vanished in to air as thin as hair,
burned in hell for fires of life,
that left no smoke to claim my ashes...

Sunday, May 23, 2010


The wrath of god fell on my soul,
cursed is my life that lay humble on the grave,
a cry of pain on the blood shed home,
angels with broken wings on fire,
darkness spreading with the tunnel of love,
that tore the heart and ate the soul...

Friday, May 21, 2010


Glittering bubbles on my goody little shoes,
that made me go frenzy with every step i took,
the shining star that winked at me,
tricked me with its gay filled giggles,
to believe its true,the shine it had,was not so fake,
that barking dogs always bit,
it started rising with all its might,
got bigger and bigger and smiled all the way,
with its sparkling glitters blinking with the sun,
it saw the rose bushes lying on the way,
it went for it and pricked its butt,
burst out tantrums in gutters of vain
and all the glitters lie in the mud,
reminding of the pain it can give on the hole,
that gave nothing but a bite on the flaws...


Letters of goodbye scattered on the floor,
for a moment of doom,fate was smiling,
the world stopped spinning,
the sun started melting and the stars started falling,
I picked them up with shivering hands,
heart beating faster than lightening and thunder,
a hailstorm of pain drifted through my insides,
circling with the thoughts of fear in my head,
all i could do was hold on to my tears,
that even a dam couldn't stop from flowing for years,
the pain kept creeping to my heart that stopped beating,
led me to my grave for daisies and roses,
that bloomed with sorrows and wilted with the rains...

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

nature at its best

siesta under the oak tree,
birds singing lullabies,
winds swaying past mildly,
aaahh,the bliss of small things,
that fills up your heart.
a song for the rustling leaves,
that brushes away the misty clouds,
drizzles of dews on every bud,
taste of nature on tip of my tongue,
cooled my senses and made me wiser,
a treat for my soul that basked in the sun,
and danced with the moon,
played with the stones that shone in the sky,
the heavenly maze that showed me the way,
the exit in the end i dreamt of seldom,
i ran in never ending circles,
a smile on my joyful lips
and a song on my blissful self,
aaahh,the glories of mother nature,
that made me ring the bell
and tie the knot...

Saturday, May 1, 2010

still in love

She lay on the palette of flowers,
a song on her fresh pouty lips,
kohl swimming around her eyes so dark,
she gazed at the starry sky,
that smeared the tender clouds,
sigh!he came and sat beside her,
looking deep into her welcoming eyes,
a touch on the velvety lips,
she danced around the moonlit grass,
gems of lust on her jewels of love,
she fell on his arms ,
with her bosoms swinging forth,
her hands entwined behind,
lips locked in for a lifetime,
their love set the shooting stars on fire...

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

a love song

I sat below the maple tree
with cherry blossoms on my fingertips
the wind bringing the scent of love
a smile on my sun kissed face

I dreamt of my handsome prince
who came on his stallion black
stood on the olive green grass
a rose in his manly hands

I woke up when I felt the rain
sprinkling on my visage so soft
dazzled was I,to see my prince
sleeping on my downy lap

I stroked his hair and kissed his cheek
a song on my wistful lips
of trees and birds and all things blond
cry of joy on my eyes so light...

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


The phantoms of Auschwitz
singing out their hearts,
On top of the world they stood,
their heads held high,
looked back to see life's traumatic blizzard
hitting them hard,
the avalanche of buried memories
filled the air,
they sang a song of death,
of hopes and dreams,
they saw the streams of bullets rising above
from the rifles of fate,
that never shook their courage,
still they kept singing
glories to the trinity,
to wash away their sins ...

Sunday, April 18, 2010

hurdles of a troubled mind

The wind came and whispered into my ear
the battle I fought for a year
the truth was bitter my dear
misery making you drop a tear

I basked in the sun's glory
that led me to write a story
about a life that's dark and gory
and I knew I was sorry

I saw my life in dreams
that came up as gleams
but I always woke up in screams
with my ogles in streams

I looked back and saw the eyes
that reminded me of all the lies
that never made me wise
in a world that never dies...

Friday, April 16, 2010

requiem for a dream..

In the rain,she slept,
on the road,where strangers never met,
lightening flashing on her breast,
mud splashing on her face,
thunder not moving her a bit,
she lay there still,
waiting for him ,

pleading silently for his return,
but truth was bitter,
it struck her so hard,
but she loved the pain,
the pain which cleansed her heart,
reprimanding her sins
made her love life,
even when she was a child,
happiness scared her and

she ran away from all,
she knew she would lose them

but her courage always surprised her,

courage to destroy her own life,

she cried alone at nights,
her sobs drowning in the rain,

restlessness keeping her alive

thoughts driving her insane,

memories burning her soul,

liberation is what she sought,

requiem for a dream she lived...

Thursday, April 15, 2010

broken lives

Rendezvous with the broken mirror,
melancholic as it may look,

shades of sorrow on every shattered piece,

tragedy of errors reflecting on them.
I piled them up in a heap so big
and made a vow to put them back

with faith and hope was what I planned
but white lies was all I had,

little did I know that the pieces were fake,

so I polished them with a bright new wish,
I tried to make them look so good
and put them back on the wall so big,

stared at it for eternal bliss,
and it showed me the moment of truth,
mended things would never
be the same...

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

stung by love

She put her head on his bleeding chest,
strokes of her hair on his trembling hands,
made him think of the good old days,

where love of his life was all that he had,
her sweet smile was the air that he breathed,
every morning he woke up with the pain,
he wanted her more with every step he took,
kisses and touch that made him crave for more,
but life had taught him pretty good lessons,

that angels were nothing but devils with wings,
whores of heaven that played with hearts,
but yet he loved the gal that was her,
as pure as the child that was hiding inside her,
mannat of heaven flowing through her soul,
made him want to live for more,

memories lingered on forever and ever,
till eternity came and closed his eyes...


I walked down the sandy shore,
As lonely as I ever was,
with sea shells and the rippling waves,
washing down my feet so wet,
Hair let loose and skin so cold,
my mind was lost with the haunting clouds,

The moonlit eyes stared at me,
Beckoning me to free my soul,

I knew I was good,but life isn't just,
my heart was wrecked,

with the things I had done,

Forgiveness was there
but I don't need it twice,
I had to go for it was time,
The eyes were there,still watching me,
seeing me strip my soul naked,
the waves went wild seeing me sing,
the troubles and grievance of my life galore,
I saw the eyes coming for me,
but running away was not my choice,
I stood right there to face my plight ,
It lashed at me with the belt of guilt,
made me drink the weed it bled,
not a drop blocked my gaze,
smile was there on my lifeless lips,
uttering pleas for more and more,
anointing life's colors all dull...

Monday, April 12, 2010


I saw my ego,staring at me,
My never born twin,winking at me,
I glanced through my window,
With a smile on my lips,
She waved her hand and showed her finger,
Reminding me of the blows that she gave,
Black and Blue were her favourite colors,
Hurt and tainted were her evergreen feelings,
And her mood swings led me to think otherwise,
She played peek- a- boo's many a time,
Fooling me by packing her baggage,
Tears in her eyes,half hidden and worn,
always left , with no goodbyes,
Only to be back with more sore smiles,
She taught me how to live my life,
In hells and pits in times anew,
She came in spurts and left in a jiffy,
Cos she was scared of my little worries,
I made up my mind to let her go,
To a place far away,that made her a whore,
She begged and she begged with fake little tears,
But mercy played no part in my life,
She knew that her time was near for good,
But only if she got one more chance,
To show how strong she can grow,
To beat the hell out of my life...

Sunday, April 11, 2010

tainted life

She felt the undercurrents and it was strong,
But then she knew it was wrong,
Her mind told her,there is no right or wrong,
So she got the guts and crossed the line,
But got scared and turned back to run,
Alas!she was hit by the wall
That sprung up behind her back,
She could feel the eyes gleaming at her,
And saw the monster grinning at her,
He came in closer snarling his teeth,
Sniffed at her and licked her neck,
That gave her chills down her spine,
She was numb and her heart went lump,
Her choked up throat uttered a plea,
His hands came down and finished her off,
Silent cries of a not so innocent girl...

Friday, April 9, 2010

dark past

I saw her on the 8th platform,
The pretty lass with deep brown eyes,
She turned around and looked at me,
Her string of pearls breaking free,
From her welled up eyes to the polished floor,
Falling fine,one by one,
And I knelt down,to pick them up,
Only to see her moonlit eyes,
On every little precious dew,
That brought back all buried and burned,
The dark past that never ever drowned,
Poked its head and smiled at us,
Only to make her drop more pearls...

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

love --ever the feeling for the confused

Ocean seems fine for the humble fishes in love,
Seems better than the goldies and angels in Bowls,
With drunken eyes and bulging bellies,
It does look better upside down and
Then its time to take them out,
Pretty sight for the plumpy cats,
That does nothing but flirt with the rats...

Money--root of all evil

I see it,Yes I do,with my two little eyes,
Money growing on trees,Crackling noisily with the winds,
Drawing men and women and even tots with lollipops,
Like lady gaga on hen legged house,
With the seductive smile on her enchanted lips,
She draws us all closer and closer,
Slurping in the smell of greedy hearts,
drooling over the sight of dying souls...

rain---unbearable memories

It does ring a bell when you hearthe chattering of raindrops
on the roof top hills
Shy dew drops blushing on the window sill,
smiling with all its might is the scare crow
that never scared a tiny crow,
then why worry and ruin the berry
that ripened on the rain soaked grass,
take it,feel it,lick it,bite it,aaaahhh,
the bitter sweet taste of life....

Blue---feelings that gave me life

Blue,though not my favourite color is everywhere,
In the hues of my sinking heart and the depths of my dying soul,
Veracity has led me to thinking that my heart is thirsty for more,
Deeper the intensity,darker the blue,
Weaker the strength.lighter the blue,
Splash me with colours all bright and blue,
Paint me with the ever blue brush,
Give my life the meaning it lacks,
Take my soul to the blue blue skies,
Quench my thirst with the deep blue seas...