Angels live among us

Writing soothes the feelings inside me

I know I am not highly talented when it comes to writing,

I never knew my texting hobby would turn into something new,

It grew up in me like the secret admirer,

nudging me all along,but never pushing me,

suprising me all along and it took few genuine hearts to bring it out from me,

my heart,my soul and my thoughts are deeply connected ,everytime my fingers work

and I am satisfied...

Sunday, April 11, 2010

tainted life

She felt the undercurrents and it was strong,
But then she knew it was wrong,
Her mind told her,there is no right or wrong,
So she got the guts and crossed the line,
But got scared and turned back to run,
Alas!she was hit by the wall
That sprung up behind her back,
She could feel the eyes gleaming at her,
And saw the monster grinning at her,
He came in closer snarling his teeth,
Sniffed at her and licked her neck,
That gave her chills down her spine,
She was numb and her heart went lump,
Her choked up throat uttered a plea,
His hands came down and finished her off,
Silent cries of a not so innocent girl...


  1. Why isnt the girl innocent??!!

  2. well...she knew what was wrong,still she had the guts to go for it.