Angels live among us

Writing soothes the feelings inside me

I know I am not highly talented when it comes to writing,

I never knew my texting hobby would turn into something new,

It grew up in me like the secret admirer,

nudging me all along,but never pushing me,

suprising me all along and it took few genuine hearts to bring it out from me,

my heart,my soul and my thoughts are deeply connected ,everytime my fingers work

and I am satisfied...

Saturday, November 27, 2010

curly :P

Curly curly quiet contrary
the locks that you carry
which never fits Mr.Harry
atleast make her dance with Merry
by giving her the keys to your quarry
A sight of cream on cherry
A journey that takes her on a ferry
soooooooooooo hurryyyyyy :)

Sunday, November 14, 2010

going back west..

Petty things come my way

In hues of blue all day

making me drown in vain

a frown that drives me sane

a beep that alerts my vein

that told me shadows are real

the creaks of doors on walls

that brought me back to this world

from a dream of roses and cream

to the twirl of eerie white beings

one jerk and the shadows flip,

that made me shiver a bit

the paleness followed my eyes

that took my soul to the west...