Angels live among us

Writing soothes the feelings inside me

I know I am not highly talented when it comes to writing,

I never knew my texting hobby would turn into something new,

It grew up in me like the secret admirer,

nudging me all along,but never pushing me,

suprising me all along and it took few genuine hearts to bring it out from me,

my heart,my soul and my thoughts are deeply connected ,everytime my fingers work

and I am satisfied...

Saturday, June 24, 2017

discovery of dark self

A thought runs wild inside me, a burning desire to discover my self
I got inside the ever drifting mind. It was indeed a short journey.
Bits of memories scrapped out of my oozing soul
I took them all out and put them in the mason jar
Stored it away in the darkest corner of my self
Never to look back at it again, lest it hisses back at me
The fear of running away from crackling egg shells under my feet
That has undoubtedly remained my ever soothing companion
To the moon and the stars I might be singing a lullaby
Only the ocean can hear the cacophony of distress
That escapes a silent cry from my heart
No prayer to widen the halo of my shallow existence
No miracle to drop me off to heaven on hell
The carcass of mixed emotions carried away by the tides of arrogance
Not letting me learn from woes of self- deceptions
Drift away dear till you get drowned in natures galore

Float in the ocean till you melt into the soothing waves of hope…