Angels live among us

Writing soothes the feelings inside me

I know I am not highly talented when it comes to writing,

I never knew my texting hobby would turn into something new,

It grew up in me like the secret admirer,

nudging me all along,but never pushing me,

suprising me all along and it took few genuine hearts to bring it out from me,

my heart,my soul and my thoughts are deeply connected ,everytime my fingers work

and I am satisfied...

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Stoning of Soraya M.

The tender bones of beautiful Soraya
that well fed the innocent stray dogs
never left the earth,got buried deep inside
to leave a mark,the mark of agony

People should hear her story
The story that burned many a women
Women of today,women of yesterday
Their innocence remained futile to the blind world

She was the shining messiah
The star that lit the dark streets
the voices of her delicate self
were trapped deep inside her wounds

her eyes were the graveyard of many men
who pelted her with stones
Her sons,her husband,her father,her brothers
The weak selfish soul of blind men

Her wrath could kill them all
but fate chose her
leaving her daughters in angel's hands
she let herself  be buried up to her waist

her head held high,her stare meant everything
she spoke her last words that fell into deaf ears
she wasn't afraid of death,but the pain she knew ,she can't escape
Neither did the signs help her

The plethora of stones that showered on her
killing her again and again that even her soul barely lived
she might have died on the unfortunate grounds
but her soul walked on heavenly clouds

The truth spilled later but her soul left before
But did it make any difference
Yes,to the world it did,it remained another heart burning story
while the innocent women kept burning in those hells forever..

Their voices had no meaning
Their prayers remained unanswered
Allah,show mercy on them
They are your true angels...

Friday, July 20, 2012

love still rules...

The heart that leapt high in to the dark blue skies
For what joy,she asked her withered soul
Fondness that made her go back
where the rear view mirror stood still

For she wanted to see reality
the truth that made her realize
that love had become her self,

Bitterness that  bit her heart
made her cold and crumbled her emotions

She brushed aside the feeling
that made her curl her lips
Her tears lost their track
It fell down on the mirror of hope
the life that blurred her vision
She knew it had to be
the way she wished her life to be
In love with her sober self
Words that made her believe
that love still survives
that love is the victory
that love is the success...

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Sneak Peak

I lay down sneering away my plaintive times
A fantasy that took me beyond the stars
Standing still at the zenith of my dream
A feeling of agony that missed the sneak peaks
Of dazzling eyes that captured my feeble heart
That sent shivers up and down my spine
A candid moment I craved each day
Where the eyes could lock in awe
A magic that can sing folklores for hours
The mystifying beauty that put me on the labyrinth
Rejoicing my soul for the love it mesmerised …

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Torn Ramblings...

Forget the symphony that shut your eyes
Broken dew that drank the melody
Of love life and all things mellow

Behold the love that lifted up your souls
Embrace the life that never let you down

The sons of vixens will come and go
With words of wisdom stuck up in their rear
Not their fault nor is it yours
It’s the fate that crunches your soul

Give up the hope that kills your passion
Wink at the evil that pulls you down
Spit at the sorrows that wrecks your heart

One life that’s all you got
Live it love it grip it and run for it!!!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

one life

Ain’t life a perfect chaos of mysteries?
A blooming dale of hopes
A ton full of wishes
A well crafted lie 
Gallons of love 
Sweet melodies that tune your soul
One life to live and one life to love
And the creature of all wisdom
Runs away from the beacon that
Lit the paths of many a fool...


Thursday, February 2, 2012

Bizarre Love

What was she to him all these years?
     A relationship of convenience?
     A source of pleasure?
     A money vending machine?

When did love lose its meaning?
     When dreams turn into obsessive compulsions?
     When space and time turn into red signals?
     When sanity leaves the ruptured mind?

Was love the only reason she found to stay?
     Was it only him she wanted to give herself to?
     Was her soul so vain it always went to rejection zones?
     Was love a weapon to destroy traumatized souls?

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

guilty sojourn

My life was not meant to be thrown into shackles of wrath
It's not something so demeaning for men to step on it
And grind it till it leaves no trail of ashes of shame
Yes,to err is human,I know that and so do you
But It never gave you the license to put me at gun point

Guilt is not a passer by my friend nor is it a phase
It's the fishing hook with no bait but only its pointy end
that gets stuck for eternity inside your cheek
Which drags you to hell where your yell gets
sucked up by vacuum and your pleas remain unheard

An empty downtrodden life of a young fool in love
Who kept loving him for she was drowned in his memories
Memories which made her tears into droplets of fire
A sojourn that had to end before it reached its destination
A dream which failed to be fulfiled for hope stood no chance

Sunday, January 8, 2012

heart made of coal

I see him down the aisle
all happy with sparkling teeth
that lit the way for my shoes
that lost its way on his noose
I stand there staring at him
a mark that held me away from all
I could see myself running away
to the wild wild shores
that fooled me to the core
to end up in a woe
crying in cross roads
that told me life's silliest cues
that men have a heart,
heart made of gold
that gets broken into coal
that always turned sore
when you melt into their souls
had a life before
that taught me quite a chore
mind playing hotchpotch
made me swim in its lore
ripples of melodies dripping in my soul
I came back to where I started my goal
A sojourn in a hole...

Friday, January 6, 2012

the two l's

lust and love , the l's of felony
that can make the mourning soul
go haywire in its search for sanctity
brushed aside the dearth of glory
to run with the best of vices
a song of pity to crush its wits
sigh ... and the soul gets lost
in the rubble of ecstasy
drinking away the myths of fear...